Metal Buildings Georgia

Metal Buildings GeorgiaAs a top state in agricultural production, Georgia supplies corn, peanuts, and soybeans to the entire nation. In fact, Georgia is the top state for pecan production. Manufacturing and mining industries play a big role in their economy as well. For any Georgia business, large or small, rest assured that Rigid Global Buildings is able to supply pre-engineered steel and metal building solutions that will stand the test of both time and harsh weather conditions.

Rigid’s vast knowledge of the design and fabrication process of industrial buildings and agricultural buildings all over the world makes them the natural choice for your Georgia-based company. From steel warehouses to manufacturing facilities and industrial-style plants, Rigid can supply the perfect solution for your business. With fast delivery, state of the art manufacturing techniques, and the lowest factory direct prices, there is no reason to search any further. Choose the experts at Rigid for Georgia business building solutions today.

QtySizeSq. Ft.Reg PriceSale Price
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230 x 40 x 141,200$8,802Starting at $7,654
230 x 50 x 141,500$9,931Starting at $8,636
130 x 60 x 141,800$10,586Starting at $9,206
230 x 80 x 142,400$13,013Starting at $11,316
230 x 100 x 163,000$16,886Starting at $14,684
240 x 60 x 142,400$12,699Starting at $11,043
140 x 75 x 143,000$14,805Starting at $12,874
140 x 100 x 144,000$18,443Starting at $16,038
340 x 125 x 145,000$21,951Starting at $19,088
140 x 150 x 146,000$25,342Starting at $22,037
250 x 60 x 163,000$16,040Starting at $13,948
350 x 80 x 164,000$23,064Starting at $20,056
250 x 100 x 165,000$23,185Starting at $20,161
150 x 125 x 166,250$28,177Starting at $24,502
250 x 150 x 167,500$32,677Starting at $28,415
160 x 60 x 183,600$19,799Starting at $17,217
360 x 80 x 184,800$24,140Starting at $20,992
160 x 100 x 186,000$28,442Starting at $24,733
360 x 125 x 187,500$34,248Starting at $29,781
160 x 150 x 189,000$39,371Starting at $34,236
180 x 80 x 206,400$33,925Starting at $29,500
180 x 100 x 208,000$38,602Starting at $33,567
180 x 125 x 2010,000$45,450Starting at $39,522
180 x 150 x 2012,000$52,394Starting at $45,560
380 x 175 x 2014,000$60,033Starting at $52,203
180 x 200 x 2016,000$66,889Starting at $58,165
Roof Snow Load (5 Psf)
*Price does not include walk doors, roll-up doors, tax or freight. Prices subject to change without notice.
Recent ProjectsLocationSq. Ft.Metal Building Type
ShopFlowery Branch, GA3,000Industrial Building
FedExSavannah, GA12,000Commercial Building
OfficeFort Benning, GA9,000Commercial Building
Parrot LodgeSharpsburg, GA816Commercial Building

If you are looking for a metal building in Georgia, then you need the engineering expertise of Rigid Global Buildings! Start planning your Georgia metal building project today with the specialists at Rigid Buildings.

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