Steel Buildings Illinois

Steel Buildings IllinoisAs a leading manufacturing state, Illinois is rapidly developing into the next big economic center. Business both small and large can look to Illinois for relocation or expansion, and have the comfort of knowing that for all pre-engineered metal and steel building needs, Rigid Global Buildings is there. An international company with services all over the states and abroad, Rigid has become known as a leader in complex projects, with unparalleled quality standards.

Machinery is a top production in Illinois, including farm machinery, construction tools, and machine parts. For businesses of this type, Rigid designs industrial steel buildings that can meet any client requirements. Often utilizing gantry cranes, monorails, underhung cranes, and jib cranes, the steel structures provided by Rigid Global Buildings can withstand the harshest weather conditions and most intense wear and tear. If your business is part of the chemical manufacturing industry in Illinois, Rigid can help there as well. As a leading supplier of metal and steel buildings for everything ranging to oilfield industry compressor structures to power company facilities, Rigid can work with you to make sure that your business’s individual needs are met.

Illinois Steel Buildings for Sale

QtyBuilding SizeSq. Ft.Reg PriceSale Price
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330 x 40 x 141,200$8,424$7,658
230 x 50 x 141,500$9,912$9,011
130 x 60 x 141,800$10,582$9,620
130 x 80 x 142,400$12,801$11,637
130 x 100 x 143,000$15,177$13,797
240 x 40 x 141,600$10,627$9,661
340 x 50 x 142,000$12,249$11,135
240 x 60 x 142,400$12,950$11,773
140 x 80 x 143,200$15,925$14,477
140 x 100 x 144,000$18,992$17,265
350 x 50 x 162,500$16,111$14,646
150 x 60 x 163,000$16,775$15,250
250 x 80 x 164,000$20,617$18,743
150 x 100 x 165,000$24,470$22,245
250 x 125 x 166,250$29,307$26,643
350 x 150 x 167,500$33,998$30,907
150 x 175 x 168,750$39,322$35,747
150 x 200 x 1610,000$44,194$40,176
260 x 60 x 183,600$20,557$18,688
560 x 80 x 184,800$25,145$22,859
260 x 100 x 186,000$29,737$27,034
360 x 125 x 187,500$35,592$32,356
160 x 150 x 189,000$41,209$37,463
260 x 175 x 1810,500$47,345$43,041
360 x 200 x 1812,000$53,012$48,193
180 x 80 x 206,400$35,177$31,979
180 x 100 x 208,000$41,482$37,711
280 x 125 x 2010,000$49,104$44,640
280 x 150 x 2012,000$56,040$50,945
180 x 175 x 2014,000$64,208$58,371
180 x 200 x 2016,000$71,702$65,184
Roof Snow Load (30 Psf)
*Price does not include walk doors, roll-up doors, tax or freight. Prices subject to change without notice.

Steel Building Projects

Recent ProjectsLocationSq. Ft.Metal Building Type
Drake One PropertiesPiasa, IL30,420Commercial
Wilco FireworksQuincy, IL5,166Commercial
If you are looking for a steel building in Illinois, then you need the engineering expertise of Rigid Global Buildings! Start planning your Illinois metal building project today with the specialists at Rigid Buildings.

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