Rigid Building Systems is now Rigid Global Buildings.

Rigid Building Systems is pleased to announce it has finalized negotiations with their international equity partners resulting in Rigid Global Buildings.  Over the past year Fred Campana and Alex Ghodsi, owners of Rigid Building Systems, knew in order to sustain continual company growth and compete in a fierce metal building industry, it was necessary to enhance their financial stability with international equity partners.  Fred and Alex along with their senior staff will remain active in their key positions as Rigid Global Buildings enters the market. 

This new partnership between Rigid Building Systems and Jinhuan Steel is a leading example of how international investments are helping US companies.  Manufacturing will remain in the United States; Rigid Global Buildings acknowledges the importance of keeping jobs local to help the economy as we begin to emerge from the recent recession.  Rigid Global Buildings is looking forward to new and exciting opportunities in 2011 including increasing their product line as well as expanding their operations.

Jinhuan Steel is a leading steel manufacturing company located in Asia.  Their projects include multi-million dollar construction of high-rise hotels, structural workshops, vertical garages, multi-level retail facilities, and bridges.  Together as Rigid Global Buildings, they will now be offering pre-engineered steel buildings and structural steel to an international market. 

Rigid Global Buildings is excited about the future not only for the growth and expansion, but also the international relationships and business opportunities that are now possible.  Rigid Global Buildings will continue to manufacture quality pre-engineered metal buildings and structural steel that they have become known for over the past fifteen years.   

Rigid Global Buildings is a manufacturer of pre-engineered steel buildings and structural steel.  For more information on Rigid Global Buildings please visit www.RigidBuilding.com