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Rigid offers a contemporary steel building stone façade that is both attractive and virtually indistinguishable from conventional types of stone exteriors. A RigidRock facade can help meet the demand for a building that fits in aesthetically with your general community. RigidRock can be applied over interior walls as well, either as an accent or to cover entire walls. The uses are limited only by your imagination.

RigidRock is waterproof; resistant to harsh weather, solvents, pests and fungus; flame resistant; self extinguishing; light weight; easy to handle; highly durable; impact resistant; less expensive than real stone; non-toxic; non-gaseous and odor-free.

We understand how important it can be to get the right look for your steel building. Our steel buildings experts are available to help guide you in your selections. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-467-4443.

RigidRock offers a variety of decorative stone panels, profiles and kits that can be used as solutions alternatives to real stone, cast stone and other imitation stone products.Whether your concern is siding for a new commercial office, church, warehouse project or any other project where aesthetic value is important, RigidRock products offer superior solutions to make your building look better, cost less and apply easier in less time.


RigidRock is setting a new industry standard with decorative stone products made of lightweight synthetic materials with a look so authentic even the stone mason is fooled. RigidRock products weigh about one pound per square foot, making them easy to handle and the perfect solution for any project.

Easy Installation

RigidRock products attach directly to wood, block or concrete, and can also be applied directly over plywood or metal panels. Field cut the products with standard woodworking tools and attach with adhesive and screws. There is no need for the stone mason – our products can easily be applied by your metal building erector. 

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Our structural polyurethane materials are time tested with over 30 years of weathered performance as rock formations at leading theme parks and zoos. Our polyurethanes closed cell properties make it waterproof and resistant to harsh weather, solvents, pests and fungus. We use real stone colors blended with specially formulated polymers applied in-mold and baked on to achieve maximum color adhesion and UV stability.

RigidRock products provide higher impact resistance than most other siding products and will resist cracking better than real stone and cast stone products.


RigidRock products are typically less expensive than real stone and cast stone, and due to its light weight, the shipping and handling costs are reduced. Installation, however, is where you realize substantial savings in both cost and time.

Other Features

RigidRock products have been approved as “Built Green,” are 100% inert, non-toxic, non-gaseous and odor-free. They also provide an insulation value of R-4.5 per inch of thickness.

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