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Rigid Global Buildings is proud to announce it has recently added Solar Photovoltaics to it’s product offerings.  Rigid Global Solar will offer both Crystalline and Thin Film Laminate Solar technologies.The importance of utilizing energy into Solar power is nothing new – what’s new is the popularity of solar partnering with metal.  It makes the most sense when you stop to think about it.  Solar modules can last well over 30+ years, the roof it is on should do the same.  Rigid Global Solar is the Solar Division within Rigid Global Buildings.  When you purchase a solar array from Rigid you get everything you need to “plug and play”.  Rigid has taken all of the hassles out and made solar not only easy to buy and also easy to install.  Providing everything including the S-5! clips necessary for your application – Rigid makes solar easy!

Both the photovoltaic (PV) power generation and the Metal Roofing Industries are growing with promise.  They appeal to popular “green” objectives, while also pointing to durability, fiscal responsibility, longterm ownership, low carbon footprint, effective life-cycle cost, and sustainability.

Metal roofs from Rigid provide the perfect hosting platform for photovoltaics, producing an economically viable and environmentally friendly energy solution. Due to their longer service life, low maintenance costs, and energy efficiency, metal solar roofs are proving to be one of the most responsible and lucrative sustainable energy opportunities, accelerating both in demand and efficiency.  Because the installed cost of PV on metal is so much less than on conventional materials, the total cost of a metal solar roof (with new construction) means that, for the first time, a new metal roof can legitimately claim to be less expensive than a conventional roof. Furthermore, metal roof surfaces allow penetration-free attachment of PV systems and wire management, protecting the roof’s integrity and warranties.

Rigid Global Solar offers three different solution programs to suit the varied needs of our contractors and architects and their customer bases.

  • MicroPower Kit (.7 – 60kWp)
  • PowerChoice (60 kWp – 1MWp)
  • PowerPlus+ (250+ kWp)

Each program has a slightly different model and scope of services based upon the size of the PV system. For larger systems a broader scope of services is offered.

Rigid has all of the materials, technology and experience to pair a variety of PV options with any metal rooftop, available at prices sure to please. From project and site assessments to system design and project management; to arranging financing to obtaining federal and local incentives, and, in some cases, even complete installation management, Rigid works hard for you.  To learn more about Solar contact your Local Rigid Authorized Builder or your District Manager today!

Solar Terms

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Crystalline panels are attached to our standing seam metal roof system with the use of S-5! Clamps.
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