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Marijuana Grow Buildings

With the increase in demand – of course will come the increase of Cannabis Grow Facilities or Marijuana Grow Houses. In order to create the perfect warm and humid environment, marijuana must be grown in a green house or grow tent. Commercial marijuana greenhouses have emerged as the ideal environment for larger production of the controlled substance – naturally leading to a steel building structure.

The flexibility of a steel building allows for the specific grow rooms to be built and can be designed without windows to provide the dark environment necessary for the plants to grow.   In addition to the growth of the plant there must also be heat/humidity micro-controlled rooms to allow the marijuana to dry.  Air quality is another important factor that goes into designing the ideal indoor green house facility.

Steel buildings specifically designed with all of the necessary ventilation, irrigation, lighting, and room layouts are an economic option. The agriculture industry has been utilizing metal buildings for years because of their longevity, strength and ability to withstand the humidity without adverse effects. If you are located in a colder region insulated panel systems are available to help keep the interior temperatures more controlled. Medicinal and recreational use of marijuana has recently seen an increase with the onset of specific states legalization and is quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry.

Rigid encourages you to check with your local building requirements before beginning the building process. States/cities do issue licenses for retail a marijuana dispensary, retail marijuana products manufacturing facilities, retail marijuana cultivation facilities, retail marijuana testing facilities, medical marijuana centers, medical marijuana optional premises cultivation facilities and medical marijuana infused products manufacturing facilities.

According the Drug Policy Alliance, New Jersey, New Mexico and New York have campaigns initiated for 2018.

Rigid Global Buildings manufacturers steel buildings for a variety of industries – let our expertise in green houses, warehouses and office buildings help you with your next hydroponic grown house. We understand the “extras” such as ventilation, irrigation, CO2 systems, lighting and dehumidifiers that must be accounted for in the collateral load of the indoor greenhouse design. Give us a call at 888-467-4443 or fill out the request form to learn more about our exciting new opportunities in Marijuana Grow Buildings.

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