Sales Meeting, Golf Tournament Christmas Parties and a whole lot more!

Happy New Year!

Rigid ended 2017 with a bang!  November and December always seem to be the busiest months at Rigid and this year was no exception.   We ended our sales year in November and had an excellent year!  We started the celebrations off with our annual sales meeting in Houston Texas.

Each year our sales meeting kick's off the events.  Alex always begins the meeting with the "State of Rigid".  This is always a good time for Alex to show his appreciation to the sales team for their hard work throughout the year and present awards for top sales, presidents club and chairman's club.

Our President's club is reserved for those that sold at least $2M and the Chairman's club is for those that sold $3M or more.  This year we had 6 sales people reach the President's Club and 9 reach the Chairman's Club.

Presidents Club Award Winners:

  • Charles Ghodsi
  • TysonShinaut
  • Jason Larsen
  • Joe Veilleux
  • Frank Roozbeh
  • Travis Stinson

Chairman's Club Award Winners:

  • Aaron Westover
  • William Monds
  • Ken Olsen
  • Larry Black
  • Bob Kontor
  • Scott McRae
  • Chris Greer
  • Bruce Tankersley
  • BJ Jones

Aaron Westover received the highest award as Top Sales with over $10M in sales for 2017!

After our sales meeting the sales team joined up with the management team for some fun team building at the Escape Place.  The group broke up into 3 teams to solve different mysteries and "Escape the Place".   Working together to find clues, solve puzzles and beat the other team really made the evening a lot of fun.

The next morning the team headed out to Tour 18 for our annual Winter Charity Golf Tournament.  It was a chilly 45 degree start but the day did warm up and the sun even came out.  All of the proceeds to the golf tournament are going directly to help Harvey victims that some of the other charities have overlooked or didn't help. Look for more details as we help rebuild a community.

The holiday festivities carried through to Saturday evening for our Holiday Party hosted at Shirley Acres.  The party always starts off with an amazing dinner and then continues to the awards.  This year we had 36 people receive an award for 5 years of service, 16 people receive awards for 10 years of service, 3 with 15 years of service, and  6 with 20 years of service.

As in years past the 3 people with 15 years of service will be invited to China where they will do some sight seeing, eat some amazing food and most of all get the chance to visit with our partners.

Overall 2017 was a great year for Rigid and we are definitely looking forward to 2018 and the exciting opportunities that is holds.










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