Energy Star Metal Buildings

Sustainable Building or Green Building involves much more than just using an Energy Star approved color on your roof or wall panels.  Green Building is an all-inclusive, start to finish process.  The raw material, how it got to the job site - these are some of the factors that are involved in Green Building.

Energy Star Approved Colors

Rigid Global Buildings provides a variety of Energy Star approved colors in addition to using recycled materials.

  • Primary Framing:  87% Post-Consumer Recycled Content 13% Pre-Consumer Content
  • Secondary Framing: 23% Post-Consumer Recycled Content 7.3% Pre-Consumer recycled Content
  • Sheeting Material: 23% Post-Consumer Recycled Content 7.3% Pre-Consumer reyecled Content
  • Trim Material: 23% Post-Consumer Recycled Content 7.3% Pre-Consumer recycled Content

At the end of its life cycle, this material can be recycled again, extending its life and helping to reduce landfill waste.

Sustainable and Strong

Metal Roofs are also an excellent source for rainwater retention. This helps to achieve that "Green Building" status. Metal roofs and buildings are a strong, stable way to take advantage of today’s solar initiatives. The strength of a metal roof and/or a metal building allows it to withstand heavy loads; they can endure the weight of the solar laminates as well as the solar crystalline products that are in use today.

Metal is an exciting and dynamic material. It can be designed and enhanced to create high quality, aesthetically pleasing buildings. It is an unparalleled Green Building method, and gives you the peace of mind that comes with helping to save the environment.

Metal roofs can also give you LEED points. See our steel building LEED information page.

Energy Star Partner badgeAll of the colors Rigid offers for metal roof and wall panels have been approved through Energy Star.  In addition to Energy Star approval the lighter colors (Solar White, Cool White, etc.) also qualify for Title 24, City of Houston construction, and TDI (Texas Department of Insurance).  For specific building codes please refer to the Emissivity and Thermal Emittance numbers listed on the color charts (Spec 2000) (Spec 3000).

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