Steel Buildings Alaska

Steel Buildings AlaskaAlaska’s top industries include fishing, marine, timber, mining, oil & gas drilling, and petroleum processing. Rich in natural resources, Alaska’s economy is vibrant despite its harsh weather. Rigid Global Buildings' pre-engineered metal and steel buildings can provide needed storage, warehousing, manufacturing, and processing facilities for Alaska’s top industries and the Alaska industries that support them.

Rigid Global Buildings manufactures metal and custom steel buildings designed to meet the highest quality and soundness standards. Our metal buildings are insulated to withstand extreme temperatures and engineered with heating systems. Rigid has earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing storage buildings and steel warehouses, vehicle garages, fabrication and machine shops, and aircraft terminals and steel hangars that will perform well even in harsh Alaska winters.

If you are looking for a custom steel building in Alaska, then you need the engineering expertise of Rigid Global Buildings! Start planning your Alaska steel building project today with the specialists at Rigid Buildings.

For more information on any of Rigid’s services including metal building kits, structural steel buildings, or steel buildings in Alaska, contact us at 1.888.467.4443