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metal building alabama

Alabama Metal Buildings

The state of Alabama’s top industries are aerospace engineering, manufacturing, mineral extraction, and agriculture. Alabama companies both small and large continue to see remarkable gains

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metal building alaska

Alaska Metal Buildings

Alaska’s top industries include fishing, marine, timber, mining, oil & gas drilling, and petroleum processing. Rich in natural resources, Alaska’s economy is vibrant despite its

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arkansas metal buildings

Arkansas Metal Buildings

Arkansas has a broad-based economy with industries ranging from agriculture and food processing to aerospace and technology. Traditionally, Arkansas’s economy has been agricultural, with rice

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california metal buildings

California Metal Buildings

As the nation’s leading industrial state, California’s top trades include agriculture and energy production. California is also a major player in dairy production, with milk

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connecticut metal buildings

Connecticut Metal Buildings

The top industries in Connecticut include technology, insurance and financial services, and manufacturing. In addition, Connecticut has a thriving equine industry. Rigid Global Buildings offer

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delaware metal buildings

Delaware Metal Buildings

Top industries in the state of Delaware include chemicals, transportation, agriculture, and livestock.  The diversity of Delaware’s industrial base provides a vibrant, growing economy. Rigid

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hawaii metal buildings

Hawaii Metal Buildings

Tourism and agriculture make up Hawaii’s top industries. Most recognized as the state for advancing the pineapple industry, the service sector in Hawaii continues to

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idaho metal buildings

Idaho Metal Buildings

Business owners are constantly moving and expanding their brands to Idaho, a state that is known for its agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism industries. This innovative

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indiana metal buildings

Indiana Metal Buildings

There are a number of major industries in Indiana, including construction and mining, manufacturing, and transportation. If your business is part of the construction or

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kentucky metal buildings

Kentucky Metal Buildings

Manufacturing and service industries make up the bulk of Kentucky’s industries, in addition to agriculture. With this widely varied economic climate, Kentucky business owners look

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louisiana metal buildings

Louisiana Metal Buildings

Crude oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, and petrochemical production facilities are all part of what makes Louisiana an industrial force, and the third largest

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maine metal buildings

Maine Metal Buildings

Maine’s top industries include ship manufacturing, paper and lumber, fishing, and agriculture.  These industries provide Maine with a broad industrial base, providing a strong economy.

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massachusetts metal buildings

Massachusetts Metal Buildings

Offering a diverse and wide-ranging series of industries, Massachusetts is a major agricultural and manufacturing center. Exports include dairy products, greenhouse and nursery products, and

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missouri metal buildings

Missouri Metal Buildings

A highly diversified economy keeps Missouri businesses constantly growing and changing. Whether your company is part of Missouri’s wholesale and retail trade sector, or involved

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nebraska metal buildings

Nebraska Metal Buildings

The state of Nebraska has a diverse economy, with the top industries including agriculture, livestock, military, financial services, and transportation. The main agricultural products in

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nevada metal buildings

Nevada Metal Buildings

Nevada’s top industries include ranching, transportation and logistics, mining, printing, metal fabricating, and tourism. These diverse Nevada industries have differing requirements for metal buildings and

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new jersey metal buildings

New Jersey Metal Buildings

With an economy that revolves around the pharmaceutical industry, chemical development, agriculture, and financial development, New Jersey has a diverse and prosperous business environment. If

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ohio metal buildings

Ohio Metal Buildings

The state of Ohio’s economy has traditionally been based on steel, plastic, and rubber manufacturing and fabrication. Recently, bioscience companies have set up operations in

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oregon metal buildings

Oregon Metal Buildings

The state of Oregon’s top industries range from its traditional base of lumber, fishing, and agriculture to new, fast-growing high technology businesses. The variety of

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pennsylvania metal buildings

Pennsylvania Metal Buildings

The state of Pennsylvania’s economy is broad-based, with top industries ranging from heavy manufacturing, chemical processing, machining and fabricating, agricultural, and oil & gas drilling

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texas metal buildings

Texas Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings for Sale Rigid Buildings has been the leading manufacturer of Texas Metal Buildings for over 30 years. We offer customized metal building solutions

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utah metal buildings

Utah Metal Buildings

With a mixed economy of industries such as mining, tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing, the state of Utah is the perfect springboard for new businesses to

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