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A Barndominium is simply a steel building that is converted into a living space. Some barndominiums incorporate a shop, garage, office or even an airplane hangar into the design.It is a common misunderstanding that Barndominiums are much cheaper to build than wood framed homes.

Everything that happens before the dried-in building such as clearing the land and the building pad is the same for both types of construction. Everything that happens after the dried-in building (AC, electrical, plumbing, drywall, trim and paint) is also the same.

So the difference in price between a steel barndominium and a wood frame home is in the cost of the foundation, the building kit and the labor to erect the structure.

The concrete Foundation tends to be a little more costly on steel buildings because you need a footings or Piers under each Main column.

The steel frame for a simple steel building will typically cost less than a wood framed building. However, once you add the features that make it look residential, the steel building will be equal or more than the wood framed building. Residential features that drive up the cost of the building include standing seam roof, roof overhangs and hip/valley framing. Likewise, labor costs might be less for the simple steel building but equal or more for a complex building.

If there is any cost savings in building a barndo, it will be in the frame and roof package. The take-away is that a barndo will only be cheaper if it is a simple industrial-looking box on the outside. If the steel building has residential features and looks fancy, it will probably cost more that the wood frame.

So what are the advantages of a steel building for your barndominium??

  • Steel buildings can accomplish huge clear spans
  • Steel Buildings are built to exacting standards and are able to withstand the wind from the ocean or the snow in North Dakota,
  • Steel Buildings comply with government Codes and include engineer-stamped permit drawings
  • Steel is much stronger than wood and will not rot
  • Once manufactured, your Steel barndominium might be erected on your job site in as little as a few days.

The Monitor Barn

The raised aisle of the monitor barn was historically used for a covered wagon full of goods. Today, the monitor barn defines Southern style. We can build the monitor barn to your exact size specifications.

The Gambrel

The Gambrel is another beautiful country style. The shape allows you to maximize your upstairs square footage. Rigid can design a steel mezzanine and steel stairs to your specifications, or you can add your own wood mezzanine to go along with your interior build-out.

The Hangar Home

Sometimes you just want to go out into your garage and check on your airplane. Rigid can help you design a hangar big enough to include your home or connect to your home. We can provide giant clear-spans for storing your aircraft and we can design your building to support the tremendous loads of your hangar door.

The Modern Home

Some designs can only be executed with steel. Huge clear-spans, glass walls and cantilevered roofs require engineering expertise and tight manufacturing tolerances. Rigid employs in-house engineers and detailers to provide engineered-stamped drawings in every state.

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