Metal Buildings for Sale

QtyCloseout SizesSq. Ft.Pricing
230 x 802,400Get Estimate
230 x 1003,000Get Estimate
140 x 602,400Get Estimate
140 x 803,200Get Estimate
140 x 1004,000Get Estimate
250 x 502,500Get Estimate
150 x 603,000Get Estimate
250 x 804,000Get Estimate
150 x 1005,000Get Estimate
150 x 1256,250Get Estimate
250 x 1507,500Get Estimate
150 x 1758,750Get Estimate
150 x 20010,000Get Estimate
260 x 603,600Get Estimate
160 x 804,800Get Estimate
160 x 1006,000Get Estimate
260 x 1257,500Get Estimate
160 x 1509,000Get Estimate
260 x 17510,500Get Estimate
260 x 20012,000Get Estimate
180 x 806,400Get Estimate
180 x 1008,000Get Estimate
180 x 12510,000Get Estimate
280 x 15012,000Get Estimate
180 x 17514,000Get Estimate
180 x 20016,000Get Estimate
If you are looking for a metal building, then you need the engineering expertise of Rigid Global Buildings! Start planning your metal building project today with the specialists at Rigid Buildings.

For more information on any of Rigid’s services including metal building kits or structural steel buildings contact us at 1-888-GO-RIGID (467-4443).

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